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Gun Status Activated Sale Type Trade Some brands measure estimated service life of their shotguns in thousands of shells the gun will fire. For example, Baikal MP semiauto was guaranteed to last 3, Magnum rounds Bar service pressureand so is its successor, MP How well do the Russian autoloaders live up to these promises? In the natural course of events, the search for the answer would be long and difficult, as few hunters keep accurate records of shots fired and all hunt under different conditions.

To make things faster and somewhat more scientific, some journalists and marketers run endurance tests, with thousands of rounds fired in the course of a few days. But before I tell you how well or badly MP and MP performed at such tests and show a couple of videos with MPlet me offer you something absolutely vital for correct interpetation of the results. There are many questions to the validity of fast-forward endurance tests.

First is known in science as non-representative sample. Can we really pass judgment over a multitude of 10, or evenobjects based on one randomly picked specimen — which could be defective, or, vice versa, uncommonly good?

Second is conditions. A 1, shots fired at the range in a day does not equal 1, shots fired in 5 years of hunting. On the one hand, at the range a gun is not exposed to the same amount of humidity, sand, etc. Being an automotive tourism nut, I know that a car is much less likely to break during a 8, km. In addition, many testers use light target loads which have less impact on the shoulder, the budget, and the gun.

On the other hand, unlike a car on a highway, conditions for a shotgun in an endurance test are easier in some respects, but unnaturally hard in others.

With a long succession of shots after each other the gun absorbs a lot of accummulated pressure on already stressed and overheated i. However, so far an endurance test is the only scientific method for estimating durability of a gun.

In the Italian gun and shooting magazine Armi e Tiro took an MP and fired 10, shots through the gun in a day. The only problem they faced was overheating. For some reason, gun editors of an influential publication failed to foresee that a gun will get hot if you keep firing it non-stop.

They knocked the rib off altogether to be on the safe side and kept firing away without a hiccup. They got 50, shells, and went on a five-day shooting spree, only now they prepared a tub of water to dip the barrel in for cooling.

They kept banging away for 10 to 12 hours a day, taking a pause everyshots to strip and clean the gun. Save for the initial break-in, the ammunition used was 28 gram target loads by Fiocci. Still shot from Armi e Tiro video footage to view the full video click here.

Note the box of empties to the right of the shooter. By the end of Day 5 the Baikal MP still held together. It lost some of its finish, the plastic stock melted a bit in the areas of contact with leftover powder gases, but it kept shooting as on Day 1. Overall, the Armi e Tiro team experienced only two issues. They had to replace the bolt release button spring, and the vent rib came off again, but anyone familiar with what lousy solder IzhMech uses to lay ribs could predict that without a crystal ball.

The Italian journalists explain both issues by the hurry — the spring was probably misassembled during one of the cleanings, and the rib came off when they decided to shoot more and cool less, because they were running out of schedule.Little used and properly stored, so very good condition.

Who is importing the Baikal now?

Comes with canvas bag and Parker Hale cleaning kit. Trusty Russian guns. Full working order and nice engraving on both sides and underneath as detailed.

This is a single barrel Baikal. The fact that the barrel is chambered for 3" cartridges means it is capable of firing the heaviest…. This gun would make a perfect option for walked up, rough or pigeon shooting.

Based on the renowned Baikal action this is…. Baikal mp 27 multi choke over and under shotgun in mint condition, bought a little over a year ago and had had less than cartridges through it, comes with four chokes and choke key.

Hushpower, folding barrel.

baikal mp 153 gunbroker

Comes with bore snake and extra sight bead. Call for more details All applications approved online within minutes! Check out Braces full stock list at www.

A fairly tidy little Baikal. This is a Baikal 12 gauge single barrel 28'' available here at Coombe Farm Sporting. A great low value rough shooting shotgun. As new - only shot about cartridges, action is tight and in great condition. Good all round condition. Baikal lJE Double trigger ejector in good condition, auto safe, would make an ideal rough shooting or vermin control gun.

Contact David on This Baikal side by side is a fantastic light weight 12 bore, has wear and tear marks through out, all in working order, fire pins, ejectors ect. It features a straight stock leading on to black action with small amount of scroll detail and…. A great starter side by side gun. Plain wood with a few age related marks. Some engraving on action. Non Ejector. All of our too good to auction guns come with a three month warranty from the date of purchase.

Please call for more information or visit www. We offer a comprehensive gun fitting service with all of our guns, any necessary alterations being carried out in our workshop on site within the sale price. The gun is also sold with a full 12 month mechanical warranty. This Baikal is 30 year old gun, very well looked after and still feels like new!Baikal MP or Stoeger OK boys, here's the dilemma.

I'm looking for a new gun for next waterfowl season. I've used a beater Rem last year and looking to upgrade. The was prone to rust and it does not point well for me. On the skeet range, I shoot much better with the Baikal than the I feel that the forward weight of the double barrels and also the cast in the stock helps tremendously. I tried the Stoeger out in the shop and it seems to point well for me. As we all know, there have been rave reviews about it.

It seems that no one that has actually shot it has anything bad to say about this gun. Since it only came out a couple years ago longevity has yet to be determined. No adjustments are needed to switch from target to hunting loads after the round break-in.

I have not held this gun because no one local has it. To switch between target and hunting loads, one MAY need to adjust the gas valve. Since it is gas operated, it should theoretically be softer shooting than the inertia gun. The gun has been around sinceso it has a proven track record. Any of you have both the MP and ? Any recommends are appreciated. At this point, I could go either way. Who knows, I may end up getting both.

Re: Baikal MP or Stoeger First of all I don't believe either of those guns are an upgrade over an I don't own either nor would I. The Weatherby is in or near your price range. The all black gun is a great buy. It is also light and amazingly soft shooting. Another soft shooting gun you might look at if you are near an Academy is a Yildiz A Personally I would rehab the it's a better gun than the ones you mentioned and shoots way softer than the MP out of the 2 listed SA08 is also a great choice, but for pure utilitarian purposes, the MP is a great weapon, heavy and indestructible.Posted: Tue Nov 29, am.

The next 4 paragraphs are some background information and I get down to my actual questions at the bottom and bolded. It wasn't the best looking item on the rack, well maybe it was because that was exactly what I was looking for and I took it apart to find some of the internals covered in quite a bit of rust.

I removed most of the rust without issue and everything appeared to be functional. First time testing it was on a duck hunt and I had 2 problems, this next phrase is compiled of keywords that might help others solve this problem the first one was that pulling the trigger resulted in in the hammer not releasing or nothing happening on trigger pull this was solved by realizing that the bolt or action was not all the way forward and this is a safety feature more or less.

I realize that a testing a weapon during a hunt is probably not the best idea, but I conveniently open water duck hunt feet from my house. The next problem was that once I fired a 3" winchester xpert steel shot, the bolt would be locked open just like the last round bolt hold open feature. I believe this was solved by a gas adjustment, and here's where I get to my questions.

Questions: 1. My used gun did not come with an adjustment tool. I have found some makeshift tools that I can use to make the adjustments to the gas nut by removing the barrel, but was wondering if someone on here has an extra sitting around they would be willing to part with for a reasonable price This would be some sort of Paypal transaction In my gas adjustment adventures, I am unable to get this thing to cycle low brass rounds.

I have found the sweet spot for the duck loads, but its like night and day difference for the low brass products even with turning it 2 turns in the light loads direction from the setting that seems to work great for duck loads. I would imagine the gun is broken in by now as the gun was manufactured in 02' After much searching on this subforum here, many of the posts have been insightful and helped me solve some problems.

However, after finding as many gas adjustment topics as I could on this forum and other websites, it still seems that the actual location of the factory gas setting is a mystery as far as being the same from one weapon to the next. So here is my next question that might get a little scientific. Is the gas adjustment a linear relationship or is it sinusoidal? In other words, if I continued turning the nut past flush with the notch in the barrel next to the light loads heavy loads markwould this thing cycle light loads better, or is there a sweet spot between where I shoot duck loads and flush with the notch in the barrel that I might be passing?

If I can't get it to cycle light loads its not the end of the world as its primary purpose is a duck gun, but I plan on buying probably another one of these in synthetic, so I would like to become more knowledgeable in tuning these things.

Posted: Tue Nov 29, pm. You can order a choke tube wrench with the gas adjustment tool for the MP from eaa corporation in florida. I have only been a MP owner for a week or so, but I have been able to shoot everything i have put in it at the factory gas setting.

baikal mp153 review

I have also shot 3. I am not quite sure the science behind the gas system, I would assume that the spring gets compressed or decompressed allowing more or less gas to bypass the action sleeve. I am not a pro at this thing yet, but maybe you should order some new parts to go into that area of the gun. Did you actually disassemble the gas spring and clean out the entire gas area?

baikal mp 153 gunbroker

Posted: Thu Dec 29, am. Your problem is frozen valve ring. You have two piston rings in the gas mechanisam, one is external on piston and another is internal on the valve body inside gas block That ring in valve body is probably frozen and gas leaking trought, you must to soak gas block in solvent and clean with tooth brush or try carefully to free ring with small screewdriver.

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baikal mp 153 gunbroker

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Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Jan 29, Messages: Looking for a MP called eaa and was told they no longer are the importer. Remove Advertisement. Joined: Mar 1, Messages: Remington dropped them a couple years ago? Looking for a MP Joined: Nov 26, Messages: Jim Their catalog has the complete line. Strange bill. Joined: Jan 29, Messages: 3, Location: Minnesota. The gunsmith I use here, won't even work on them. Say's they have to many trigger problems. Sky BusterFeb 7, Jeff Graupp.

Joined: Aug 15, Messages: 4, Location: Oregon. The OP started out the thread by saying he called eaa, and they told him they were no longer importing Baikal. Now, we can believe him, or not, and continue to tell him that they do. Does anyone have more current information than the OP's phone call?

OregunnerFeb 7, Joined: Aug 7, Messages: 1, Joined: Jan 29, Messages: 1, Big Al 29Feb 7,

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