How to check asus manufacture date

Below, are all the different methods of determining your BIOS type and version. The first way is by restarting your computer. Pausing the screen should make it easier to find and read the BIOS information. At this screen, you can also access the CMOS setup for more information about the hardware in your computer. To help with load times, or display a company logo, this screen may not be viewable. If this is the case, try the below alternate resolutions.

The System Information window displays information about your computer, including the type of BIOS you have and the version, under the System Summary section. You can also use the systeminfo command from the command line to view the BIOS version and other system information by following the following steps. While in the registry, realize that improperly changing a setting can affect how Windows operates.

So be careful if you choose to use this option to view your BIOS information. To access the registry, click Start and in the Run or Search boxtype regedit in the text field and press Enter. In the Registry Editor, navigate to the below registry directory. As can be seen in the picture below, the BIOS date and version are shown in these two keys.

After typing the above command, you should receive a string similar to the example below. Through Windows System Information. Using the systeminfo command line command. In the Windows registry. Finding BIOS date through debug routine. Tip At this screen, you can also access the CMOS setup for more information about the hardware in your computer.

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How to find the BIOS Type, version, and date

Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Miscellaneous Android Development. Android Apps and Games. Android Software Development. Nexus 7 General. Fix for wear os call delay. Wear OS General. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode.If you've had a computer for a while, you may be curious to know when the computer was manufactured. Typically, the manufacture date doesn't affect things like warranties, which are based on when you bought the computer rather than the actual age of a computer.

However, if you need to know, you can often find out the date of manufacture from the computer's maker by going online or making a phone call. If the computer's especially old, this may not be possible, but you can scour computer history resources to find out roughly when the computer model was built.

There are several ways to find out at least roughly when a desktop or laptop computer was made. In some cases, the BIOS displays this information when you boot the computer. If it doesn't do so automatically, look for a BIOS menu option when you turn on the computer. Often a computer says something like "Press F2 for Setup. Make sure not to change any settings you don't want to change or don't understand.

If you're running Microsoft Windows, you can access this information through the System Information tool. Type "System Information" into the search box in the taskbar or Start Menu and click the icon for the program. Some computer manufacturers allow you to enter your computer's serial number online to see when the computer was made.

Dell, for instance, makes it possible to see the date the computer was shipped. Apple enables you to see the model year of the computer, though this won't give the exact calendar date.

In some cases, the manufacturer may be able to interpret the serial number over the phone to tell you your computer's age. Contact your computer's manufacturer for help with this. If a computer is old enough, such as an actual antique computing device, you might not be able to find out from the manufacturer exactly when it was made.

In that case, you can research online when the model of computer was made. Use an ordinary search engine such as Google or Bing and type in your computer's model. If that's not conclusive, reach out to a computer history organization, like the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. Library resources may also be useful. By : Steven Melendez November 19, How to find the date of manufacture PC and laptop date is not an IoT nano-science in this computer technology era. There are are many ways exists to determine the manufacturing date of your Personal computer system.

Several commands and tells you how to find out the exact date of Personal Computer PC was manufactured. It is important to know the manufacture date of your laptop or PC. Learn how to find out manufacturing date of your computer systems. Read these best ways to learn how to find out manufacture date of your system. How to find the date of manufacture of my PC?

Here are the best ways to learn how to find and check the date of manufacture for PC, laptop, office laptop etc. Asking laptop repair technician at Laptop repair shop or service centers, 2. Verifying the serial number of computer or laptop, 3. Using Commands to know computer manufacturing date, 4. Asking your System Admin in your office for office systems or laptops, 5.

Checking Shipping date for the assembled PC or laptops. Every PC or laptop has a manufacture date. Just follow below steps. Step 1: Go to start menu. Click on Run. A dialog box will appear, in that type cmd to open Command prompt. Step 2: In command prompt type Debug as shown in below pic and hit enter. If our article helped in finding your Windows PC manufacturing date please do us a favor by subscribing to our YouTube channel.Whether you're buying a used laptop, are checking for warranty purposes or simply want to know the date your setup was born, there are a number of ways you can check the manufacture date of your PC or Mac.

While the method varies from brand to brand, there are several general steps you can take to find the birth date of your laptop.

Search the body of your laptop for a sticker posted by the manufacturer that contains information about your system and the build of your computer.

how to check asus manufacture date

This information can typically be found on the bottom of the laptop. While it doesn't always say the MFD manufacture date of your computer, there's a chance it might. This is done by turning on your computer and entering the BIOS menu immediately. This usually consists of hitting a key such as F2 or F10 on the first screen that appears when you boot your computer. Start your computer, look for this screen, note the key you must press using paper and a pen, and then restart your computer again so you can enter the menu.

The date will appear on the first screen. Contact the manufacturer of your computer by phone or e-mail and provide the serial number of the laptop.

While the manufacturer won't be able to give you an exact MFD, it will be able to provide you with a rough estimate of when your computer was made based on how long that model was in production. Click the Apple icon on the desktop and select "About This Mac.

Double-click the version number that appears for your Mac upon opening the menu to bring up the Mac serial number. Determine the year your Mac was made by looking at the first digit in the serial number, which represents the last digit of the year the computer was manufactured.

The next two digits represent the week of the year in which the computer was built. How to Find Laptop Manufacture Date. By : Perry Piekarski. Share Share on Facebook. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox.

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how to check asus manufacture date

You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. Since you have lost the receipt of the purchase of the computer, to get the purchase date of the computer you will have to contact the computer manufacturer and verify the same. However, you may find the installation date of Windows on your computer which might help you. Did this solve your problem?

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how to check asus manufacture date

Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Arya S Asok Replied on October 23, In Windows you will not be able to find the purchase date of the computer.

where do you find the purchase date on your computer

To find the installation date of Windows on your computer, follow the steps below: Click on Start and open Computer. Click on C drive and right click on Windows Folder. You will find the Created Date of Windows folder. Hope it helps. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

How to Find the Manufacture Date of Your computer or laptop within half Minute- Windows 7 or 10

How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.It is your curiosity will make you begin to search for a specific country that manufactured your mobile phone. Well, it is good to know about certain things, not because they are so important, but because they are worth remembering.

You can only look at your device firmware version on the settings menu. In other to know the state which created the Android smartphone you are using right now, you need to use some unique codes.

Android test codes are what you can use to check out this query. These test codes are very much useful to every Android smartphone user for checking different kinds of useful information about your mobile device. There is no app that does this for you check out for the actual manufacturing date of a device ; if not these codes, then, there is no other way for this action. If you are facing Trouble with the following steps, Just try the apps. The manufacturing country of your device is hidden into the IMEI number of the device.

What is the IMEI number? It is the acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity; typically, it is up to 15 or 17 number max. Another significant object of the IMEI code is to help prevent theft. So, you can block your mobile device if it gets lost or stolen using the IMEI. Hence, this code is essential, and it is necessary you know your smartphone IMEI. Once you know your IMEI code, you will know the manufacturing country of your Android device; here is the trick to find it.

As said earlier, this number consists of about 15 — 17 numbers in which the manufacturing country of your device is represented by two of the numbers in these 15 — 17 serial numbers. Here is an example of a typical IMEI code; 01 Did you notice anything in the code above?

Two numbers have different colors, right? The truth is that those two colored numbers are the country code; that is, 01 is the code that represents where the device with this IMEI number is manufactured.

Typically, the 7 th and 8 th digits are the country code that indicated where your device made. Such devices are also high-quality models.

This is not really among the best quality models. However, this is still a high-quality device. Such devices are also among the best in class regarding quality and reliability. They are equally good quality devices. As explained above, they stand for various countries. So, you can now know the state from where your device made. It sounds funny. Like you are going to know which day, month, and year your device was made; maybe you should be hosting birthday parties for the device every year, lol.

It will open the Service Menu. You will now see the actual date when your device was manufactured. You will find it difficult to memorize the code to view your device manufacturing date.

You Know any other codes Beyond this? Comment below to share with other users.

Decoding manufacture serial number/date?

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