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Let us know what you think at www. This used to be a fantastic app, but for some idiotic reason they removed the function that showed you the time your train was arriving in real time.

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Now you have to guess every morning because the trains are not on time each day. It creates extremely unnecessary stress. As I arrived to the station for a train I found out only once there it is running 13 minutes late. Would have been nice to know this before I left my house. Bring back this function. Completely understand your frustration.

The App uses the schedule and alert functions from the MBTA website and there was an update to the website. If you would like to discuss further, please email mticketing mbta. I use this for commuting to and from work so for the app to not work for some reason would be a day ruiner.

That being said, I have no complaints.


That's awesome! Glad that you are enjoying the App! Sincerely, mTicket. First time I used it everything worked.It is intended to ensure the sustainability of populations of all protected migratory bird species. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits the take including killing, capturing, selling, trading, and transport of protected migratory bird species without prior authorization by the Department of Interior U.

Fish and Wildlife Service. The list of migratory bird species protected by the law is primarily based on bird families and species included in the four international treaties. The A migratory bird species is included on the list if it meets one or more of the following criteria:.

The update identifies species belonging to biological families referred to in treaties the MBTA implements but are not protected because their presence in the United States or U. It reflects the most current scientific information on taxonomy and natural.

Reporting a Band? Find out how The List of Migratory Bird Species protected by the MBTA The list of migratory bird species protected by the law is primarily based on bird families and species included in the four international treaties. A migratory bird species is included on the list if it meets one or more of the following criteria: It occurs in the United States or U. Revised taxonomy results in it being newly split from a species that was previously on the list, and the new species occurs in the United States or U.

New evidence exists for its natural occurrence in the United States or U. What Matters Most? Migratory bird resources just for you: I am. Featured News July 16, Maynard Reece dies at age June 9, Celebrating Pride Month.Bald Eagles. Photo: Bonnie Block. But despite its importance in the history of the conservation movement, many people may not really know what the MBTA is, what it protects, and what kinds of activities fall under the law.

Read on to find out more about the MBTA, why it's at risk right now, and how Audubon is working to protect this most vital of environmental laws. Stated most simply, the MBTA is a law that protects birds from people.

When Congress passed the MBTA init codified a treaty already signed with Canada then part of Great Britain in response to the extinction or near-extinction of a number of bird species, many of which were hunted either for sport or for their feathers.

Some regulatory exceptions apply. Since its passage, the MBTA has broadened its international scope via treaties with Mexico, Japan, and Russia and has protected additional species adding eagles, hawks, and other birds infor example.

In it was updated to address how Native American tribes can collect feathers from protected birds for religious ceremonies a practice otherwise banned by the MBTA.


For a full history of how the MBTA has evolved over time, see our timeline. The most obvious success story is the Snowy Egret, which was hunted almost to extinction for its delicate feathers before early conservationists like the Audubon Society, along with the federal government, stepped in to stop the slaughter. It continues to protect nearly all native birds in the U. S, covering more than 1, species.

Why are we talking about the MBTA now? The century-old MBTA tries to keep birds as safe as possible. But many of the problems birds face today—oil pits and spills, high-tension power lines, communications towers, and the like—are relatively new. Birds can die when they land on an uncovered oil waste pit that appears to be typical pond, or run into an unseen power line.

These kinds of deaths are called "incidental takes," that is, deaths that occur due to activities that are otherwise lawful. To limit incidental take, a number of companies, including in the oil and electric utility sectors, working with conservation groups and wildlife agencies, have already developed and often implemented best practices to protect birds, much of which are simple and cheap. Learn more about how companies can reduce bird deaths thanks to existing technology.

When companies have failed to adopt these common sense practices and their activities have led to bird deaths, the MBTA provides a critical tool for accountability through enforcement of the law by issuing penalties in egregious cases, as well as a key incentive to implement these practices in the first place.

This legal opinion prevents enforcement of all incidental take, removing incentives for companies to adopt practices that protect birds from threats such as oil waste pits.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

It also eliminates penalties for companies that kill substantial numbers of birds, including from large oil spills. Under this policy, only purposeful takes—say, shooting a Red-Tailed Hawk or stealing an egg—would be prosecuted under the law.

How many birds are at risk? According to studies, power lines kill up to 64 million birds a year. Communications towers are estimated to kill up to 7 million birds per year, and uncovered oil waste pits account for up to anotherto 1 million bird deaths every year.

Data on wind turbines are harder to come by, but current estimates are approximatelybird deaths a year. View the discussion thread. Two-thirds of North American bird species are at risk of extinction from climate change. U rge Congress to act now. By National Audubon Society January 26, Birds in This Story. What is the Migratory Bird Treaty Act? What birds has the treaty already helped? Audubon vigorously opposes this revision to the MBTA. Audubon does not participate in political campaigns, nor do we support or oppose candidates.

Protect Birds from Climate Change Two-thirds of North American bird species are at risk of extinction from climate change.

Take Action.Trains run over miles of track to different stations, with 58 stations on the north side with the remaining 83 stations on the south. As of the third quarter ofaverage weekday ridership of the system was[1] making it the sixth-busiest commuter rail system in the U. Trains originate at two major terminals in Boston — South Station and North Station —with both transportation hubs offering connections to Amtraklocal bus, intercity bus via South Station Bus Terminaland subway lines.

Currently the only rail infrastructure directly connecting them is a single track only used to move equipment, however, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation MassDOT is studying the possibility of a North—South Rail Link. The following lines terminate at South Station listed from southeast to west : [2]. The following lines terminate at North Station listed from west to northeast : [2].

A pool of 86 Budd Rail Diesel Cars provided the service. The line was expected to be completed within two years. As part of the Massachusetts Turnpike Boston Extension's construction in the s, the Worcester Line's roadbed between Route and Boston was sold to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authoritywith the provison that the control of the railroad remain with NYC.

Conrail inherited the line which formed a vital freight artery between Boston's Beacon Yard and Conrail's Selkirk Yard. Conrail succeeded thembut would only operate the south-side lines until March 12, From toAmtrak managed all of Boston's commuter rail. Quibbles centered on equipment failures, crewing issues about the number of conductors per train, and responsibility for late trains.

Because of these issues, and Amtrak's repeated statements that the MBTA contract was unreasonable, few were surprised at Amtrak's decision not to bid again. The MBCR contract originally expired in July but had an additional five-year option; it was later extended three years to July and then another two to July Several significant improvements have been made during MBTA's period of stewardship which started circa However, the Commonwealth's support for rail operations began in the s with contracted operations and subsidies to railroads providing commuter service, and more so in with the advent of MBTA.

All MBTA commuter rail service is provided by push-pull trains powered by diesel locomotives with a cab car on the opposite end. Trains typically have four to eight coaches with six the most common and seat between and passengers. Approximately 65 trainsets are needed for weekday service. It is also used for midday and overnight storage of trains on the northside lines.

Southampton Street Yard and the Readville Interim Layover facility are used for light maintenance and layover service. Various other layover facilities are used for midday and overnight storage; most are located near the outer ends of the lines. Of these, 85 were in active passenger service, four used for work service, and 36 inactive for various reasons.

Boston MA Commuter Trains - Fast MBTA action part 2!

All passenger locomotives are equipped with head end power HEPthough some locomotives exclusively used for non-revenue work service are not. Of these, were in active service and 61 inactive for various reasons. Cab cars will occasionally also appear in the middle of a consist.

Coaches acquired before were single-level cars with 88 to seats; those since are bilevel cars with to seats. Various coaches are equipped with electronic doors for use on the Old Colony Lines and Greenbush Linewhich have full-length high-level platforms at all stops. During winter months, a Ski Train serving Wachusett Mountain runs on the Fitchburg Lineusing a coach car which is equipped for carrying bicycles or skis.Besides, all the information about your next MBTA trips, such as bus, tramway, rail, ferry, metro stations, maps, and alerts.

Check Clarendon Hill - Haymarket timetables here. Check Waverley Square - Harvard timetables here. Check Watertown Yard - Kenmore timetables here. Check Cedarwood - Central Square, Cambridge timetables here. If you want to plan each move of your next trip using the Massachusetts, MA bus, metro, ferry or rail system, TrainUs can help you. Here you can find all the details about the Massachusetts, MA bus, tramway, rail, ferry, metro trip planner.

After you choose the best MBTA schedule for your ride, you can check all the stops that will have during your trip.

For any request or issue, you can get in contact with the Massachusetts, MA Transit company by phone. If you have questions about bus, tramway, rail, ferry, metro schedules, stations, or status, you also can send an email. If this company does not have a ride for your destination, you can count on others Massachusetts, MA transit companies.

TrainUs has information about bus, tramway, rail, ferry, metro schedule in Massachusetts, MA from agencies of transit on the city. So you can find the bus service available, Massachusetts, MA fare, metro bus planner, and others information to help you decide which way is the better to get to your destination.

On the stations, you can find low floor ramps or lifts. On the transport, there is a specific area for wheelchairs and facilities during the boarding.We have a thorough process for evaluating our contractors and ensuring that they have the experience and capabilities to handle multi-million dollar projects.

All MBTA bids will be required to be submitted using this new software. Any bid openings prior to the June 30, date will still be submitted using the current Expedite Bid software.

More information will be shared soon. All current bids and solicitations are posted to our web site and are constantly updated to reflect the most recent information. You can find the summary for each bid and solicitation by clicking on the links below. For project specific information, see below. The MBTA is bound by Federal and State statutes to publicly advertise all of its construction projects for the solicitation of bids.

In order to procure the lowest responsive bidder construction contracts are advertised in various publications and on the MBTA website. For contracts with estimated values exceeding one million dollars, prequalification is required. Once the MBTA receives bid responses from each interested contractor, the bids are reviewed and the initial bid amounts are posted to the website on the date of the bid opening. After a thorough review process, the T's primary goal is to ensure that all contracts are awarded to the lowest responsive bidder, within specification requirements and in compliance with MBTA Procurement Policies and Procedures and other Federal and State laws, rules and regulations.

Please contact Customer Support for more information. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

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